About Us

Futurechemical/COMPANY PROFILE

Founded in 2005, Jinan Future Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.is a large-scale hi-tech enterprise focused on the research and development of fine chemicals and international trade.We have the state of art equipment and R&D teams and we establish complete inspection system and QA system, thus we enjoy solid guarantees to offer customer quality products.


FUTURE CHEMICAL aims to achieve the highest possible self-sufficiency and flexibility in production. The company manufactures
almost everything itself, resulting in a high degree of vertical integration of manufacturing with accordingly high added-value. In
addition, FUTURE CHEMICAL designs and manufactures special machinery and other equipment used in manufacturing processes
developed by the company. If these remain secret, significant differentiation from the com-petition is possible at source.

Current Subsidiaries

Jinan Head Office

Future Chemical is a comprehensive enterprise integrating trade, transportation, industry and scientific research. Jinan head office is mainly responsible for product development and international trade business.

Jining Subsidiary

Jining Subsidiary is the first chemical plant established by Future Chemical, focusing on chemical production.

Dongying Subsidiary

In order to expand production, introduce advanced production technology, improve inspection system and quality assurance system, Future Chemical set up the second chemical workshop in Dongying.

Shenzhen Subsidiary

In order to facilitate the international trade and transportation of chemicals, Future Chemical established a logistics transportation company in Shenzhen and built a special chemical warehouse to store chemicals.